Chemistrie Clips Eyeglasses


Chemistrie is a custom sunglass clip on system that provides the lightest, easiest, and best visual acuity of any clip-ons in the world.  The basis of the system is the magnets which are installed into the eyeglass lenses, instead of the frame as with all the other magnetic clip systems.  Because the clips are anchored to the lenses, the clip does not require a frame which makes them significantly lighter, and smaller.  

Also, because the Chemistrie clip is closer to the lens, there is less reflected glare bouncing between the clip and the lenses.  This reflected glare is the cause of significant vision loss in typical clip systems.

Chemistrie clips are available in 24 colors - 8 solid colors, 8 mirror colors, and 8 gradient colors - all of which are polarized with 100% UV protection.    The mirror and gradient colors all include backside anti-reflective coating.

Unparalleled Versatility
Chemistrie clips are so versatile that it is now possible to have several clips for several different occasions:  A polarized clip in the car for driving; A polarized clip for reading at the beach; A clip with a fashion mirror to look good in the afternoon; A Blue clip at the office to block harmful blue light; A 3D clip for 3D movies.  The flexibility and possibilities are endless. Read More

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Chemistrie Plus Magnifier Lenses
Turn your eyeglasses into reading glasses with Chemistrie magnifying lenses.  Read at the beach with ease by using a magnifying lens available in any color

Chemistrie Blue Lenses
Blue light emanating from computers and other electronic devices has been found to contribute to the formation of certain eye diseases, including macular degeneration.  Chemistrie Blue lenses filter out a portion of the high energy violet and blue light emitted by computers, tablets, smart phones and fluorescent lighting and are available in both regular clear, reading, and computer powers.  Keep a set of Chemistrie Blue lenses at your desk to reduce your eye strain and keep your eyes healthy.

Chemistrie 3D Lenses
Chemistrie 3D lenses are compatible with any 3D television or Cinema production using passive lens technology.  The clunky 3D glasses provided in movie theatres are very cheaply made with low quality lenses and serve to impair your perfect vision.  Using Chemistrie 3D lenses will allow you to see perfectly (and are much more attractive too!).