Coach Eyeglasses


Coach eyeglasses are the next creation from the Coach brand, which is synonymous with exceptional textiles, design, and fabrication—a true icon in menswear and now in eyeglasses frames.  The Coach eyeglasses collections awaken the Coach woman and man to a wardrobe full of color and innovative fabrics.  The feel is casual with a subtle flair of sophistication.  The Coach eyewear collection complements this style with characteristic agility and subtlety.   Follow this link to visit the official Coach website. Coach style loves to create new cult classics, modern but with a nod to past and a view toward the future. Coach uses materials and fabrics of endurance. Buttery, luxurious, mellow leathers and natural materials create a shield of luxurious armor. Boots, handbags, coats, leathery accessories, and now eyewear form a group that is linked by this theme. Echoing the classics is a passion of Coach; adding a touch of nostalgia to modern society with an updated edge mixes together into a mélange of American Originals. Read More

Celebrities have long admired this passion for mingling the past with the present and future. Christina Ricci, Madonna, Kate Bosworth, and a whole host of other fashion-forward icons have been spotted around town adorned with Coach goodies.  In the Coach eyewear were spotted Chloe Norgaard, Kate Bosworth, and Suki Waternouse.

Coach eyeglasses are a stylish and popular range of both sunglasses and standard eyewear that feature a sophisticated, modern look with many frames created with a large lens design and sleek, stunning color variations. They come in all popular shapes, such as rectangle, round, aviator, cat eye and much more, many with the unique and modern style that Coach is renowned for. Most offerings feature Coach’s distinctive logo, a classic 19th Century style horse and cart, which was adopted by the brand in the 1950s. The logo beautifully adorns the frames, boosting the appeal while still managing to blend nicely into the overall design.

Coach eyeglasses often take their design principles and trends from their other lines, making it much easier to match up with accessories. For example, their winter and fall 2015 line heavily takes inspiration from their range of bags, which in turn pulls in from current fashion trends across the world. Coach typically cater for the female market with fabulous shapes, styles and colorings that enhance feminine charm, but they have now also taken the leap into men’s frames with their same dedication to quality eyewear. Professional styling, trendy casual flair, bright and flamboyant colors and even looks specifically for Summer highlight just how versatile Coach is with their eyewear offerings. So whether you’re a man looking for that designer charm or a woman looking for a sophisticated, beautiful styling, there is definitely something for you within their range.

Based in New York, Coach Inc. is a luxury American brand that was founded in 1941, at the time focussing on delicate and intricate leatherwork, mainly billfolds and wallets for men. Over the past 70 years, Coach have expanded to become a well known global brand, operating in over 1,000 locations worldwide. Along with their physical growth, they have also moved into other markets such as jewellery, scarves, accessories and of course eyeglasses and sunglasses. Because of the huge product range and global nature of Coach Inc. you know that quality is guaranteed in everything they create. Their reputation and long standing position in the market of luxury products solidifies their frames as a top end offering that would be an amazing addition to anyone’s personal look.

Coach eyeglasses are ideal for those wanting a true American grown brand that has a beautiful eye for style and sophistication across both genders. The vast amount of different products offered by Coach mean that you can create your whole style based off interwoven accessories from each of their target markets. Bold, vivid, strength, versatility and sophistication are all words synonymous with this brand, and this can more than be confirmed by simply looking through the fantastic range of frames that they have on offer.