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Columbia Eyewear

Columbia eyeglasses were designed to change the reputation of prescription glasses: We should no longer think of eyeglasses as items that only fit indoors or that cannot be taken to rough environments.

As a part of Columbia Sportswear, Columbia eyeglasses have been designed by outdoor specialists and sporting professionals for consumers who have come to rely on this manufacturer’s proven record for quality and technological advancements. At the company, Columbia glasses developed a unique diagonal secure fit system that combines comfort, fit and grip. With this collection, the company has brought their outdoor experience inside.

In the most recent Columbia eyewear collection, the Fast Trek 2 model shows how durability and fashion can come together in a single product. This design combines plastic and metal materials to bring a drill-mount option to those who praise sophistication. Columbia eyeglasses offer classic frames like the Fort Rock 216, which has a geometric shape with a full metallic rim, and presents quality and elegance into one product. Columbia eyeglasses are perfect for those who enjoy nature and sophistication. The makers have obtained durability and comfort in a balanced combination.

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