Guess Eyeglasses


Guess eyeglasses are a fantastically crafted, high quality, design orientated glasses collection featuring many different eyewear shapes and styles. Ranging from thick, smooth and sleek frames, to classic thin metal frames and everything in between, there is a large variety to choose from. They are available in just about every modern shape - oval, round, rectangular, aviator, cat eye and numerous others. The color choices that complement these shapes are just as numerous, from professional blacks and greys to more vibrant and bright casual colors. Along with the standard eyewear available there is also a significant amount of sunglasses available to really add some class and style to your summer look.

Guess is an American luxury clothing and fashion accessory retailer that was founded in 1981 by brothers Paul Marciano and Maurice Marciano, who opened the original store in Beverly Hills, California. Other than clothing, Guess also produces fragrances, watches jewelry and other fashionable accessories meaning that you are able to complete your entire look with their stunning offerings. From the very beginning, Guess has been at the forefront of designer products and has even has even been associated with style icons such as Kate Upton, Claudia Schiffer and Anna Nicole Smith. These high profile associations show just how much of an influential brand that Guess is today. To further put into perspective just how much the company has grown, they now have around 500 stores worldwide with an estimated 15,000 employees. Read More

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