Izod Eyeglasses


Izod eyeglasses are a collection of elegantly styled pieces, with a trend of skinny frames featuring prominently, most of which are created with metal as the chosen material. Aside from this there are also options which are slightly more chunky just to give that extra bit of versatility and choice. The theme of elegance and sophistication runs deep even in the color choices, most of which are classic blacks and greys, but as with the styling there are also some options that stray from this to provide a wider variety that will suit a larger range of looks. A lot of the Izod frames feature the intertwined “I” and “Z” logo, which works really well to make the frames “pop” and manages to improve on the fantastic base look even more.

Izod was founded by Vincent De Paul Draddy in 1938, following his purchase of the rights to Jack Izod’s unique and recognizable name to set his brand apart from a marketing perspective. For a long period of time, Izod was paired with the Lacoste brand when Bernard Lacoste took over management in 1968, which affirms their standing as a provider of quality and high end products. Izod even had over 100 of their own retail outlets up until 2015 when they made the move to simply supply their goods to other retail stores rather than sell them on directly in their own stores. However Izod still maintains a large workforce and their solid principles of quality and design. Izod’s parent company recently purchased the Tommy Hilfiger brand, so there is speculation about combining these two brands so both can benefit from each other’s designs, innovation and notoriety. It also means that it may be one of the last opportunities to pick up a classic pair of Izod frames before the potential merge of these two brands. Read More

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