Jeff Banks Eyeglasses


Jeff Banks eyeglasses have rocketed his designer accessories collection, bringing prescription glasses into the 20th century, drawing from his ascendancy in British fashion for over 50 years, and now with Jeff Banks eyewear, that tradition is being brought to the forefront of eyewear. He has won numerous awards and citations around the world. His career can truly claim that he has changed the course of fashion, as we know it today.

The Jeff Banks Eyeglasses collection is small buy poignant. Frames are specifically designed for men, and then they all feature a characteristic sharp angular design, both in metals and plastics. The color palette is sober - mostly treys, gunmetals, and browns.

In 2009, Jeff Banks was made a “Commander of the British Empire” for services to fashion and charity. After forty five years in the fashion industry, Jeff was finally acknowledged for his work. As usual, a brief letter from Buckingham Palace enquired whether or not the recipient was willing to accept the honour. As a ceremony in July at Buckingham Palace, the award was finally made by HRH Prince Charles. This seemed fitting to Jeff as he had worked closely for The Prince’s Trust for twenty-five years as an ambassador.

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