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The contrast between the company’s youth and the founder’s long standing position in the world of fashion has resulted in a fantastic collection of uniquely styled and trendy eyeglasses. This set up shows vast difference between other companies and brands and really sets John Varvatos up to be a specialized, unique and exciting entity, which is clearly reflected in the their eyeglasses offering. So if you want something that stands out not only in design but also in originality, then look no further as this range displays these qualities in abundance..

With John Varvatos eyeglasses, whether you want that professional, executive look for work or a fancier and more fun style for a casual situation, there will undoubtedly be a stylish pair of frames that meets your needs exactly. And what’s more is that many of the available frames are suitable for both scenarios, meaning that you will only need one set of frames for any situation that you can imagine. For the fashion conscious man or even just the man that wants to add a bit of sophistication and extra class to his existing look, there is no need to look any further than this fantastic collection as it covers all possibilities and eventualities..