Kenneth Cole New York Eyeglasses


Kenneth Cole New York eyeglasses are a brand range consisting of standard eyeglasses and also sunglasses, both of which are available in a myriad of different styles. Aviator, cat eye, rectangle, square and modified oval are just some of the shape options, with variations in rim style - either full rimmed or semi rimless. The rims themselves are available in sleek, slim line forms, chunky retro styles and even more fun, casual patterned frames. Diversity and choice is most definitely a stand out characteristic of this brand, meaning that whatever your style, there will likely be something that is perfectly suited to you within the range.

Kenneth Cole New York is the second most expensive of 6 fashion lines of the Kenneth Cole Productions company, making it a very exclusive and high end brand. Kenneth Cole New York is actually the original brand offered by the company. Kenneth Cole Productions may have the single strangest origin story of any fashion brand out there. Due to permit restrictions and their original plan to unveil their first line out of a trailer parked in New York, the company name Kenneth Cole Productions was decided upon. The reason for this was that the permit was restricted to production and filming companies. They actually applied for the permit to shoot a feature film “Birth of a shoe company”, very fitting as that is exactly what happened following their sale of over forty thousand pairs of shoes sold in just 2 and a half days. The company name remains as a homage to this most peculiar of beginnings. Their first real store was opened in 1985, which has blossomed into almost 100 separate stores today. Read More

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