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Many of the Kenneth Cole New York eyeglasses in the range feature the stunning logo which even in itself shows beautiful design principles with its fantastic typography. The logo really adds to the frames, as rather than overwhelming with prominence, it actually fits in with the overall design and even manages to enhance it. Regardless of which design combination you choose, you know that with Kenneth Cole New York, you are getting a premium brand with executive highlights and an accessory that will fare you well in any situation, whether it be professional, casual or even semi casual. These versatile frames are the perfect addition to anyone’s current set of accessories.

Classic blacks and silvers make up the majority of the options available in the Kenneth Cole New York eyeglasses range, meaning that they are easy to match with just about any style or look you may have. Because of the strong themes running through this exclusive brand, you will find that an even better match still with their range of shoes, handbags and watches. If exclusive style is what you seek, look no further as Kenneth Cole New York has this in abundance.