Lacoste Eyeglasses


Lacoste eyeglasses frames have been the staple of relaxed elegance since 1933. Their designs are rooted in sporting and each member of the Lacoste family of eyeglasses are made with vibrant blocks of colors, striping, piping, the classic pique texture, and also the world famous crocodile logo. The eyeglasses are made for and known for their relaxed and casual fit, they feature a classy, comfortable and stylish, colorful, and unconventional chic style. These eyeglasses have become the new media for the world renowned timeless designer whose sporting roots influenced him to create an optimistic and elegant line of high quality, high fashion eyeglasses.

Lacoste, founded in 1933 is known as a high-end apparel company selling high-end clothing. They are most famous for their tennis shirts but are also widely popular for their footwear, perfume, leather goods, watches, and eyeglasses. Rene Lacoste founded her company with the help of Andre Gillier, the head of the largest French knitwear corporation at the time. They began producing the groundbreaking tennis shirt Rene designed and wore on the tennis courts. The shirt featured the iconic crocodile logo embroidered on the chest. She also designed and made shirts for golf and for sailing. Read More

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