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Liz Claiborne eyeglasses are a collection of frames from a company that used to share the name but has now been rebranded to Kate Spade & Company after previously being renamed to Fifth and Pacific Companies. The range features a vast arrangement of various shapes, styles and colorings - modified oval, rounded rectangle and square amongst others, either with a base of metal or plastic and all coming in a nice array of colors from executive blacks and greys right up to vibrant casual tones. They also offer a range of sunglasses, making this collection truly complete. ...Read More

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The Liz Claiborne name comes from Anne Elisabeth Jane Claiborne (known as Liz) who made it her mission to provide clothing and accessories for working women, something that was lacking from the market in the seventies. After being blocked in such attempts by her employer, Liz struck out on her own to make her dream a reality after launching Liz Claiborne in 1976. This brand fundamentally changed the market as many other brands and companies followed suit to tap into this untouched customer base. The original mission can be seen today in the brand, despite its renames, with the large amount of business wear eyeglasses that are available. However they have not limited themselves to just this one area and produce frames for casual occasions as well.

The true strength with Liz Claiborne eyeglasses is the sheer amount of variation and attention to detail seen within the collection. There are two tone frames which blend together beautifully to create a gradient effect - something that is not often seen in eyewear. Alongside that there are examples of vibrant coloring that really make the wearer stand out from the crowd. On top of that, many frames have unique twists with the arm stylings - small hollow segments, tactile touches and out of the ordinary shapes all add to this amazing range. Even the sunglasses on offer have stand out touches such as the inclusion of purple tinted lenses for that altogether different look.

No matter what personal look you’re looking to enhance, create or alter, there will be a matching frame within the Liz Claiborne range. There are options for executive style business looks, subtle casual situations, beach or summer wear and even options for a loud, vibrant and head turning effect. With the amount of unique twists, you can rest assured that your look will be your own original look with whatever set of Liz Claiborne eyeglasses you choose to go with. And as a nice bonus, you get the knowledge that you are supporting a trailblazing brand that led the way for businesswomen’s style and requirements to be met across a full range of clothing and accessories to match.

Liz Claiborne glasses set the standard for the elegant woman. Liz Claiborne glasses are elegant, refined, and mature, like a fine burgundy wine. Liz Claiborne herself is a model for all women, rising from obscurity and creating one of the world's most powerful fashion brands. In the 1960's and 1970's, Claiborne advocated to her employers to design clothing for working women. Stymied in that effort, she went out on her own and, with Art Ortenberg, Leonard Boxer, and Jerome Chazen, launched her own design company, Liz Claiborne Inc., in 1976.

Liz developed groundbreaking marketing strategies which changed the entire fashion world forever. She insisted that her lines be displayed separate from men's clothing and from other women designer clothing styles. And so for the first time, women shoppers could choose from many types of clothing articles by brand name alone in one location of a department store.

Liz Claiborne eyeglasses frames are the standard for the elegant woman. They are made with a refined, mature, and elegant design. Liz Claiborne is a role model for all women, having risen from obscurity to founding and creating one of the most powerful fashion brands in the world. In the decades of the 1960s and 1970s, she started out designing stylish and fashionable clothing for working women and in 1976, with the help of Art Ortenberg, Leonard Boxer, and Jerome Chazen she would launch her own design company, Liz Claiborne Inc. She originated groundbreaking marketing strategies that would influence and forever change the fashion world. One of her groundbreaking marketing strategies was her insisting that her lines would be displayed completely separate from any men's clothing and from any clothing styles by any other women designer. This was the first time in fashion history women shoppers could choose from an assortment of designer clothing by one brand name all in one centralized location in a department store.

On the31st day of March in the year 1929, no one could have known that the world of women's fashion would be changed forever. It was on this day that Omer Claiborne and Louise Claiborne celebrated the birth of their only child, a daughter they named Liz. In the early 1970s, stylish and fashionable women's workwear was all but nonexistent. Liz Claiborne, being a working woman herself, was well aware of this and she realized the massive market that existed at the time for fashionable women's workwear. She decided that this would be the market she would target with her design skills and by 1976 she would become a dominant force in the women's fashion industry. Liz not only revolutionized women's fashion design, she also revolutionized the way clothes were sold. Back in the day, all the department stores displayed shirts with shirts, and pants with pants.

Liz changed this by having her products displayed by "outfits." For example, she insisted that her pants be sold right next to her shirts in matching colors. She also insisted that her clothing be displayed separately from other designer's clothing. Liz is also one of the first designers that incorporated color coordination into her designs. She would mix bright red, yellow, and dark blue colors into her designs and to this day many female politicians wear this style for its serious business look. It was 1989 that Liz and her husband submitted their resignation to the company they had built up, Liz Claiborne Inc, they sold all of their stock in the company and became actively involved in supporting wildlife preservation groups. In the year 2000, she was given the Humanitarian Award by the C.F.D.A. Liz had been diagnosed with cancer three years prior to receiving this award and the lady that had built an empire on clothes designed with bright and happy colors arrived to receive her award wearing all black. She died of cancer soon after receiving her Humanitarian Award.