Liz Claiborne Eyeglasses


Liz Claiborne eyeglasses are a collection of frames from a company that used to share the name but has now been rebranded to Kate Spade & Company after previously being renamed to Fifth and Pacific Companies. The range features a vast arrangement of various shapes, styles and colorings - modified oval, rounded rectangle and square amongst others, either with a base of metal or plastic and all coming in a nice array of colors from executive blacks and greys right up to vibrant casual tones. They also offer a range of sunglasses, making this collection truly complete.

The Liz Claiborne name comes from Anne Elisabeth Jane Claiborne (known as Liz) who made it her mission to provide clothing and accessories for working women, something that was lacking from the market in the seventies. After being blocked in such attempts by her employer, Liz struck out on her own to make her dream a reality after launching Liz Claiborne in 1976. This brand fundamentally changed the market as many other brands and companies followed suit to tap into this untouched customer base. The original mission can be seen today in the brand, despite its renames, with the large amount of business wear eyeglasses that are available. However they have not limited themselves to just this one area and produce frames for casual occasions as well. Read More

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