Lucky Brand Eyeglasses


Lucky Brand eyeglasses are for the most part geared towards vivid, bright and unique designs. Across the range you will see almost every possible color and color combination. Whether you’re looking for stunning blues, pinks, reds, purples or just about any other color, then you are sure to find it within the collection. Added to this there are some very unusual combinations that you are not likely to find elsewhere such as bright pink and havana, purple/red/black and even several gradient based designs. Their varied designs and styles enhance this even further, giving a huge assortment of possibilities. Lucky Brand eyeglasses even diverge off to more traditional colors and styles, with executive blacks and silvers, allowing a more refined business casual look to be achieved with their frames. To complete the collection, a few choices of sunglasses are also available for that summer beach look.

Lucky Brand has a shared history with three well-known companies and brands - Kate Spade & Company, Liz Claiborne and Fifth & Pacific Companies. Lucky Brand was originally part of Liz Claiborne, which became Fifth & Pacific Companies (containing Lucky Brand) which eventually went on to become Kate Spade & Company. This complex interwoven company then split off, creating Lucky Brand as a company in its own right. Lucky Brand has the advantage of being born out of these well renowned names, bringing along the fantastic design and fashion principles that make these other companies successful. Today Lucky Brand mostly sits in the designer jeans industry but does also produce other products in the accessories market such as standard eyeglasses and sunglasses, which share the same attention to detail and exquisite styling as their other ranges. Read More

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