Lulu Guinness Eyeglasses


Lulu Guinness eyeglasses are a collection of very design focused and artsy frames that deliver an enormous range of choice in various areas of their styling. The colors highlight this tremendously with everything from muted blacks, browns and greys right up to vivid reds, purples and blues. Shape wise, you have an equally large choice of rounded rectangle, aviator, cat eye, geometric, modified oval, modified round and much, much more. There are even a range of sunglasses within the collection as you’d expect with such a high end design focused brand.

Lulu Guinness was founded in 1989 by a designer of the same name with the sole intention of creating stunning products which would in turn create fabulous looks, all while focusing very intently on innovation. Today this British grown company sells their products all over the world, from the UK, to Italy and even the USA and China, which shows just how successful it has become in the short time in between. What made Lulu Guinness great in the beginning is still very much a part of the company as Lulu herself still plays a very active role. Her designs are so well renowned and iconic that they are often seen worn by celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry and Helena Bonham Carter. This itself perpetuates the original mission of creating bold designs from strong women who want to shout about their style with what they wear and accessorize with. Read More

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