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Nike Eyeglasses


Nike eyeglasses have been developed according to the Nike ethic: “Inspiration and innovation for every athlete.” ?The Nike eyeglasses collection is extensive, with over 100 different models, sleek, and very popular. The frame collection is diverse, with a huge variety of metals and plastic, in different combinations of colors. All of the frames are designed to withstand whatever athletic pursuits you have in mind. Many of the frames are made of thin stock metals, some with acetate temples. Frame shapes tend to be rectangular, with several half frame types. The Nike collection offers a good diversity of color, with the Nike logo on the temples of most models.

Gaining recognition in our world is not an easy task, and very few companies have been able to succeed like Nike Eyewear has. ??The companies and individuals who have gained recognition through the years have done so by sharing a unique vision. In this world of achievers, even within those that have done well, none have achieved the success of Nike. Nike is arguably the most recognized brand in sportswear. The products designed and manufactured by Nike Eyewear are an example of what can result from hard work. ??Year after Year Nike Eyewear releases a thrilling collection. Read More

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The Nike eyewear collection is designed and manufactured according to the “Nike Better World” philosophy: “Making athletes faster, stronger, better with less impact. That’s not sustainable. That’s unstoppable.” The Company itself crates a culture of invention, and inspires its employees to invent products and services to support today’s athlete, while continuing to look for ways to solve the major problems affecting the earth. For example, the Nike Explore Team was created to conduct research and develop new products. Nike is also committed to supporting kids, having a strong impact in local communities, and engaging is social change not only in the U.S. but all over the world.

Nike is a multinational corporation that designs and manufactures a wide product line that not only include eyeglasses and Nike sunglasses, but also footwear (of course!), apparel, equipment, and much more. The company was founded in 1964 by Phil Knight, who was a track athlete at the University of Oregon, together with his coach Bill Bowerman. In the beginning, they were selling their sneakers from the back of their cars. But by 1980, Nike had conquered almost half of the US athletic shoe business, and the company went public. Since then, revenues have reached over $24 billion.

Who hasn’t heard of Nike? It is a brand that is everywhere, and is respected around the world. When you purchase a pair of Nike eyeglasses, you can be sure that the Greek goddess of Victory will be smiling down upon you