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Oakley Glasses

Oakley glasses deliver the perfect blend of stylish durability and fashionable quality. Initially producing sunglasses for mountain bike-riders and rugged outdoorsmen, Oakley glasses now include an incredible collection of custom Oakley single vision prescription lenses or Oakley Progressive lenses for all prescriptions and activities, although any prescription lenses can be used in an Oakley glasses frame.  As an innovative designer of glasses technology, it currently holds more than 600 patents for Oakley sunglasses, eyewear, and related materials. As a company, all Oakley eyewear strives to be the best in the industry and continually push ideas and technology to new levels.  

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Oakley Sunglasses
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Oakley Prescription Lenses

Oakley Glasses Worn By Ronny GomesOakley prescription glasses combine its history of excellence and dedication to performance. The lineup of Oakley prescription lenses and prescription sunglasses lenses provide crisp, clear vision as well as a wide peripheral view. Oakley prescription lenses can only be installed into Oakleys.  You can also install any other prescription lenses into an Oakley eyeglass frame.

Oakley has taken prescription eyewear to the next level with its breakthrough technology called Oakley True Edge DigitalTM. Lenses that use the OTD Edge are especially useful for people with higher prescriptions and providers eyewear suitable between +4.00 to -6.00.

The entire Oakley collection is divided into Oakley sunglasses for men and Oakley sunglasses for women. Both collections deliver quality, function, and innovation for both casual needs and high-level performance. No matter what type of Oakley glasses you choose, you’ll be investing in a pair of glasses that have been tested under extreme conditions for top performance.

Oakley Glasses Performance Tests

Oakley’s commitment to quality and performance has led to numerous tests under extreme conditions to ensure their eyewear remains world-class in performance. Here are just a few of the tests Oakley performs to provide you with quality glasses you can trust:

- High-Velocity, High-Impact Testing: Oakley takes things to the extreme by shooting projectiles at their lenses to ensure they protect against impacts. Their secret technology, Plutonite®, delivers unmatched impact protection that goes above and beyond standard testing.

- Optical Performance Testing: Oakley performed rigorous testing to ensure their High Definition Optics® (HDO®) delivers the clearest, sharpest, and most accurate vision. They’ve exceeded the American National Standards Institute’s testing standards in providing you with un-compromised clarity.

Shop for Oakley Glasses Online

Oakley glasses are an investment in high-quality eyewear that is built on performance, clarity, and function. For those who need prescription glasses, Oakley aims to provide uncompromising designs to meet your needs.

When you shop for Oakley eyeglasses on Eyeglasses.com, you’ll also receive free shipping and an easy return process with no restocking fee. Best of all, we accept all major vision insurance companies, such as Aetna, United Health Care, Blue Cross Shield, and many more.

Oakley glasses have set a new standard.  is there any eyewear brand as well known as Oakley?  Not long ago, Oakley - the pioneer of fashionable sports eyewear - launched a line of Oakley glasses for men, and Oakley glasses for women.  Oakley put the same amount of thought and ingenuity into their glasses line as they do for their sunglasses.  To support their attention to quality, they have also launched Oakley prescription lenses.  Oakley eyeglasses use the best components, "Oakley" styling, and the craftsmanship that you would expect in a great product from Oakley.

Oakley Sun Glasses for Men & Women

Oakley prescription sunglasses have been around for many years, but more recently they have created two new lines, Oakley sunglasses for men and Oakley sunglasses for women. Oakley is a clear-cut winner in performance sunglasses. You can browse a variety of shapes, such as rectangular, oval, or square, as well as by material, such as carbon, plastic, or metal. Oakley has sunglasses perfect for any sport or any lifestyle in any lighting condition.

Oakley GlassesIf you’re unsure which style of Oakley glasses will look good on you, feel free to buy and try multiple styles and sizes in your home. Enjoy a full return policy on up to three frames and confidently find the perfect pair of Oakley eyewear today!

Oakley’s History

James Jannard founded Oakley in 1975 from his garage and an initial investment of $300. In the beginning, Oakley sold motorcycle grips made from "Unobtainium" rubber then later incorporated this material into the ear stock and nose pieces of eyewear.

At present, Oakley eyeglasses continue to be designed using premium performance materials and innovative technologies suitable for the needs of sports enthusiasts and prescription wearers.

Oakley is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Luxottica Corporation, the world's largest eyewear company.

Oakley Prescription Glasses