Persol Eyeglasses


Persol glasses rank among those with a record of popularity that reaches back for almost one hundred years. The eyeglasses are truly classic. Persol eyeglasses are known for quality in materials and manufacture with stylized metal hinges at the temple make them unique and easily recognizable and enduring.

Back in 1917 in Turin, Italy, Giuseppe Ratti was the owner of Berry Opticians, and he began the great adventure which had destiny written all over it. He began by making technologically advanced glasses, specifically for the needs of airplane pilots and fast-car drivers who required a high quality vision, as well as protection from the elements and vicissitudes of the inclemencies of the weather.

Thus was developed the Protector model, which was guided by a strict focus to create truly revolutionary eyeglasses both for the high quality material and workmanship, and also the comfort of everyday wearing. This led to the formation of the now-famous word “Persol”, which is derived from the Italian “Per Il Sol” which means “For The Sun”. The name implies that the glasses were designed to protect from the sun. Read More

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