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Victoria's Secret PINK

Victoria's Secret PINK Glasses

Victoria's Secrete GlassesVictoria’s Secret PINK glasses is a new collection that is founded on the idea that everyon can experience a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling life.  A life with empathy and understanding, guidance and resources, voice and listening, love and care.  The Victoria’s Secret PINK glasses collection combines a celebration of femininity with trendy glasses shapes.  The effect of this combination creates a sexy and classy allure that is designed for glamorous and self-confident young women. The glasses collection includes eyewear frame shapes such as stylish cat-eyes, fashionable geometric designs, and popular aviators.  Victoria’s Secret glasses of course includes oversized styles that never go out of fashion.  But it also features modern and urban glasses frames that bring out the feminine and contemporary mystique. All glasses in the collections are supported by a mixture of high quality frame materials, embellishing each glasses frame with a diversity of sleek metal, colored acetate and pink nuances.  All Victoria’s Secret glasses and most Victoria’s Secret sunglasses can be customized with prescription lenses, just like all of our glasses.

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The Victoria’s Secret glasses PINK girl loves having fun and is always on trend.  She doesn’t take herself too seriously and dreams big; this is the message at the heart of the collection, which reaches out to teenagers, the trendsetters of tomorrow. 

Victoria's Secret PINK Sunglasses