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Celebrity Glasses

Who is wearing what in Hollywood?  From the Hall of Frames monthly article in the Fashion News blog, here is a list of celebrity prescription eyeglasses models that have been seen walking around Hollywood lately, up and down the red carpet on various celebrities.  Hillary Duff, Katherine Heigl, Adam Lambert, Kevin Bacon and many more celebrities have been spotted with all different eyeglass frames.

Now don't get frustrated if you find a pair of celebrity eyeglasses mentioned in a news item but you can't buy it.  That is an old strategy by the designer brands - put the celebrity glasses on the celebrity, but make it rare and unavailable, which makes you want it more.  Don't fall for it!  Just find a pair that is similar to what the celebrities are wearing, and you can share their style!  Still, we look for celebrity glasses that we do have access to, so check out this list of celebrity glasses and make an order before they are all gone!

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