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Magnetic Clip On Sunglasses

Magnetic clip on sunglasses are a revolutionary update to the standard clip on sunglasses idea.  All of these glasses frames include free magnetic clip on sunglasses, and magnetic clips can be removed and re-attached with just one hand.  For example if you are driving, you can just reach down, grab the clip with your free hand, and attach it to your glasses without any fumbling.  Regular clip on sunglasses usually require a two-handed grip to remove or add the clip to your glasses.  Our favorite brands of magnetic clip on sunglasses are the Airmag and Revolution Eyewear lines due to the magnetic clip on feature, including the Revolution Carbon Fiber collection and the Revolution Titanium Collection. All Airmag glasses come with polarized magnetic clips, and most Revolution eyeglasses come with magnetic clip on sunglasses.  Sunglass clips offer great flexibility for people that want to use their regular eyeglasses as sunglasses. Clip on sunglasses attach to the front of your eyeglasses and "clip on" to the front of your eyeglasses frame. Some glasses frames have magnetic clip ons, which are held to your glasses frame with magnets instead of clips. Magnetic clip ons allow you to add and remove the sunglasses with one hand, which is very convenient. ...Read More