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  • These designer prescription glasses are made to accommodate most prescription lenses.
  • Made of metal, the frame can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit with your prescription lenses. Your frame purchase includes free standard shipping charges, and manufacturer packaging. You can add doctor verified prescription lenses, add custom polarized lenses, and many other lens options if you desire them. Like all Prada Sport products, the Prada Sport PS 51OV provides the sophisticated and classic look that we all need.
  • Prada Sport PS 51OV frames feature a fashionable rimless frame design. This is the lightest design. It reveals most of the face compared to a full or half rim design. It is frequently used by newscasters and Hollywood actors.
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    Prada Sport glasses are known for their artistic styles and creative designs - are a global sensation with undeniable quality. Prada Sport eyewear defines status. Just as their clothing has always pushed the envelope of fashion, Prada Sport does the same. They take the wearer to an entirely different level of vision style. Careful observation of and curiosity about the world, society, and culture are at the core of Prada’s creativity and modernity. Take a look at the sleek lines and bold colors. Prada Sport eyewear is a global sensation with undeniable quality. Find an elegant pair of Prada Sport sunglasses or Prada sunglasses from a range of classy, trendy, and modern styles for men and women.

Prada Sport PS 51OV