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The Presidential Glasses Collection

The Presidential Collection is "Eyewear Inspired by Great Leaders."  Powerful, classic, intelligent, thoughtful - we have scoured the world to assemble a specially selected collection of eyeglasses models similar to those worn by some of the world's great leaders. For example, round eyeglasses in plastic or metal, worn by Winston Churchill, Calvin Coolidge, and Mahatma Gandhi.  Panto P3 plastics worn by Robert Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson.   Rimless metal glasses by Angela Merkel and Franklin Roosevelt.  In a more modern/classic vein, look at the rectangular glasses frames of David Cameron and Francois Hollande.  Although these leaders may differ significanlty in their ideologies, their passion  and successful leadership is unmistakeable. ...Read More

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As to fashion, great leaders and presidents pay close attention to what they wear in the sunshine.  Take a look at the James Bond style sunglasses of Vladimir Putin (made by Cartier), the Wayfarer rocked by JFK, and the wrap syles worn by Bill Clinton and George Bush, Sr.  All of these leaders have a personal style that sets a style guaranteed to be timeless.  The Fidel Castro frames set a style that is beloved in Soho and on the streets of LA.