Revue Retro M0077 Eyeglasses

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Frame Details

Revue M0077 eyeglasses were produced in the early 1980's.  The metal frame shows refinement and delicacy.  The metal frame is colored around the rim, with gold engraved trim pieces over the nose and at the temple corners.  The fineness of the engraving and decorative assembly are not seen anymore in new eyewear designs.

Revue Eyewear has been designing high fashion, high quality eyeglasses and sunglasses since the 1960's. George Adin is an icon in the eyewear industry, designing trend-setting styles worn by Paul Newman and many other celebrities over the years. Mr. Adin is known for an eclectic European style, influenced by Venetian decorative motifs. Frames are all made from the best-available materials of the time, and hand-made in Italy, France or Japan.