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Round glasses frames are the original eyeglasses design. In the early 20th century, round glasses were the only shape you could find. Round eyeglasses are simple and natural, honest and intelligent, thoughtful, independent, and smart. The orb shape reminds us of enduring qualities like the sun and moon.  Round glasses have always been a favorite pick by movie stars; who doesn't know what "John Lennon glasses" are? Political figures like Mahatma Gandhi use the spherical shape to add personality and flair. However, circular eyeglass frames are not easy to find or order in eyewear stores. The most popular round eyeglasses on our site are easy to spot. First, in the Dolomiti Eyewear line, are the RC2/S with skull temples, and the RC4/C with cable temples. There are many other variations of these metal-frame models in the Dolomiti Eyewear collection, which is one of our best-selling brands. One of the newest additions is the N1110 which is coated with 24 Carat gold and is also a perfectly round model. ). Round eyeglasses are available with nosepads, or with a saddle bridge. They are also available with a regular skull temple, polo style temple, or with the curly cable temples to help the frame stay on more securely. Don't spend hours looking for the right round glasses frame to fit your face -- find the best selection at  We have also built a whole category for round sunglasses, because the people that like round eyeglasses also go out in the sun!. Read More

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Our next most favorite collection for round eyeglasses models is the Chakra Eyewear Collection, where we find the K1410, and also the KB957, which is a small round frame. For those of us that like rimless designs, check out the Core 1 and the Core 2 models, will different types of temples supporting a perfectly round pair of lenses. There are also several round models in the Chakra collection, especially the Scholar, and K1396, which are "panto" designs (almost round, flatter on the top), and made of high quality cellulose acetate. We also love the K1530 which is a metal panto design.

We have tried many different brands of round eyeglass frames, and we even made our own online collection.??The Chakra Eyewear round eyeglasses have spring hinges, and are built to last. Chakra round eyeglass frames also have matching sunglass clips available. For round eyeglasses in plastic, we also recommend the Anglo American round eyeglasses. Anglo American eyewear is made in Europe with top quality materials and our customers love them. The most famous of the Anglo American models are the AA400 (perfectly round) and the AA406 (panto, almost round).

Other standout perfectly round models include the Oakley Madman OX5085, and the Anglo American Groucho. In the panto almost round category, our best sellers include the Jones New York J516,  the Ray Ban RX3447, and the Ray Ban RX2180V. The round eyeglasses collection is unsurpassed in the world for the size and breadth of high quality round eyewear.