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Silhouette sunglass clip-ons are available for Silhouette rimless eyeglasses.  Silhouette clip ons are made of plastic, and they are polarized.  However, due to the vast variety of frame shapes and sizes, we are only able to offer Silhouette matching sunglass clips under certain circumstances.

1)  If you order a frame from us, you can also order a clip, provided that the frame is a standard Silhouette size and shape.  The price for this is $79.90 for the clip only.
2) If you have purchased a Silhouette rimless frame from us in the past, and it was a standard Silhouette size and shape, we can provide a clip for you for $79.90.  If your frames was not a standard Silhoutte size and shape, the cost will be $106.40 (for customization).
3) If you have not ordered a frame from us, you can mail us your frame.  We should be able to find the matching clip ($79.90 for a stock size, $106.40 for a custom clip).  However, the average processing time for this is 2 weeks.

4) If you know your shape and size you can special order but the CLIP ONS ARE NOT REFUNDABLE and can only be returned for defective exchange during the 1 year  warranty period

If you still have questions, give us a call at 1888-896-3885.

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    Silhouette glasses are made by Silhouette, an Austrian company which makes all of its products in a factory in Bavaria, Austria. Slim, sophisticated, and stylish are just a few words to describe the iconic brand of Silhouette prescription glasses, which is famous for their rimless glasses frame designs. Silhouette’s breathtaking Titan Minimal Art brand collection pushes the boundaries of rimless eyeglasses without limits - without frame, hinges, and screws. Silhouette is one of the very few major European prescription glasses frame makers that makes all of its own components and assembles completely within its own factory. This leads to unprecedented product quality and has built for Silhouette Eyewear, an unmatched reputation in the eyewear industry. Silhouette also has a reputation for innovation.

Silhouette Clip-On

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