Top Brands:

#1 - Gucci, Oakley, Ray Ban #2 - Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani #3 - Prada #4 - Silhouette #5 - Polo Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren #6 - Fendi #7 - Guess Eyeglasses #8 - Nike #9 - Kate Spade #10 -Vogue #11 - Calvin Klein

Top Prescription Eyeglasses Brands

We have put together a list of the top prescription eyeglasses brands, based on the interest level of you, our customers.  Top eyeglasses brands tend to stay fairly static, with only minor changes from year to year.  For example, Silhouette has been a top brand since they first introduced the Minimal Art rimless, hingless collection about seven years ago.  Gucci and Versace have been top brands for a number of years, but recently Oakley and Ray Ban eyeglasses have become very popular.  A new top brand contender is Ray Ban glasses;  Ray Ban introduced eyeglasses just a few years ago and the popularity of Ray-Ban eyeglasses has soared since then.

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