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Flexon Eyewear

Flexon eyewear is known as the "Bend Me, Shape Me" eyewear. Marchon Eyewear, one of the world leaders in glasses manufacturing introduced Flexon technology in 1998. The eyewear collections by Flexon are highly stylish, fashionable, and built to last. They are made with full rims, semi-rimless rims, and half rims with a regular hinge and a skill temple with adjustable nose pads. The eyewear is perfect for all adult men and women. Some models are progressive friendly, some models are not progressive friendly but every model of Flexon eyewear is durable, made for long-lasting style and comfort. For the best value and selection of Flexon eyeglasses are a great choice.

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Flexon sunglasses frames use a flexible composite material that makes the bridge and temples virtually unbreakable. Flexon sunglasses are made from one of the most flexible metals on the planet, and they return to their original shape even after accidental bending. With Flexon sunglasses frames, it's easy to be flexible. 

Flexon was started back in 1961 by US naval scientists researching titanium-based alloys to be used in the heat shields of missiles. During this research the scientist discovered that the alloy they created would go back to its original shape after being bent by exposing it to heat. They conducted many experiments with this material, including banging it with hammers and they discovered the dents in the alloy caused by the hammers would revert back to normal and disappear after heat exposure.

In the mid-1980s, scientists in the Silicon Valley of California began to experiment with using this Flexon material as an optical frame but they discovered the material could not be welded, or plated so at the time its use with optical frames was not a possibility. Marchon Eyewear eventually patented this Flexon material and in 1988 they launched their first application of Flexon optical frames. The Flexon material is a revolutionary titanium nickel alloy weighing 25% less than other metals, making it much more comfortable optical frame. After being twisted or bent the material goes back to its original shape without damage.

The technologically advanced memory metal Flexon eyeglasses are made with are designed to stay in perfect adjustment, they are more durable than standard eyeglass frames, they are lightweight and comfortable, they are made with magnetic clips and polarized lenses plus they are the top-selling frame in the United States. Flexon is the original titanium composite. Unlike other metals, it remembers and returns to its original shape after being bent or twisted and it is more durable, lightweight, and resistant than any other conventional metal: letting you embrace any challenge without worry or disappointment.