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Kids Glasses

Choosing Glasses For Children

The most important issues in choosing glasses specifically for children are safety, durability, cost, and will they wear it?. Regarding safety, children should only wear polycarbonate lenses. Cost and durability are related; you should not pay a lot when shopping for  kids glasses as kids are likely to damage, lose or outgrow them. To limit these problems, look for spring hinges that allow for some flexibility and help to avoid breakage at the temples. Stronger frame materials like titanium or flexible frames will last longer, but generally cost more. You may want to buy two pairs of cheaper frames for glasses and lenses instead of one pair of expensive frames.

If your child is very active, you should consider cable temples that hold the frames for glasses to the ears better, but can also be annoying and painful behind the ears. Finally (and most importantly) your child is more likely to wear the frames for glasses if he/she likes them.

Online Glasses Shopping For Children

Shopping for frames for glasses online for children is difficult (but not impossible) because of the special considerations for smaller children. The most important place to start is with the current eyeglasses frames they are using. Find out the size of the glasses, and then use the advanced search tool on our website to find frames with a similar – or somewhat larger – size.

Kids Glasses by Lilli Pulitzer

Types and Brands of Kids Glasses

For kids that are neither teenagers nor babies, there are many different choices. For example, Flexon kids glasses are less likely to break. For the younger kids, Spongebob glasses are popular. Childrens glasses are often needed for sporting activities, and sport glasses for kids have different requirements. For example, kids safety glasses typically have a strap to hold it on, and the frame and lenses are made of shatterproof polycarbonate. Prescription sunglasses for kids are made the same as regular sunglasses - just pick a frame and then add tinted lenses to it. Be sure to always use polycarbonate lenses for kids.

Glasses for Teenagers

Teenager glasses tend to be more trend and brand oriented, as the teens prefer to look like their friends. For boys and girls, the favorite brands are Ray Ban kids glasses, Nike kids glasses, and Oakley kids glasses. For girls, Guess kids glasses, and Vera Bradley kids glasses are very popular.

Kids Sunglasses

Glasses for Babies

There are a couple great brands that are specifically designed for babies, Dilli Dalli glasses for babies, and Nano glasses for babies. Babies glasses are virtually indestructible, can be chewed like a dog toy, and are designed perfectly for babies and their parents. Baby glasses are also made by Hilco for babies, and also Jelly Bean has some styles for very small tikes..