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Lacoste Eyewear

Lacoste eyewear have been the staple of relaxed elegance since 1933. Their designs are rooted in sporting and each member of the Lacoste family of eyewear are made with vibrant blocks of colors, striping, piping, the classic pique texture, and also the world famous crocodile logo. The eyewear is made for and known for their relaxed and casual fit, they feature a classy, comfortable and stylish, colorful, and unconventional chic style. Lacoste eyewear has become the new media for the world renowned timeless designer whose sporting roots influenced him to create an optimistic and elegant line of high quality, high fashion eyewear.  All Lacoste glasses and most Lacoste sunglasses can be customized with prescription lenses, just like all of our glasses and sunglasses.

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Lacoste sunglasses deserve their place in the oeuvre of Jean Rene Lacoste, the French tennis champion and the creator of the shirt recognized around the world by its logo, the little green crocodile. (Some argue that it is an alligator.)   Many believe that whatever the reptilian logo is it was the first logo to appear on a designer’s clothing.  Regardless of where you watch your tennis, Wimbledon, Flushing Meadows or at your club, it is fun to look around, to find some of these eyeglasses in the crowd.  

Lacoste Glasses
Lacoste, founded in 1933 is known as a high-end apparel company selling high-end clothing. They are most famous for their tennis shirts but are also widely popular for their footwear, perfume, leather goods, watches, and eyeglasses. Rene Lacoste founded her company with the help of Andre Gillier, the head of the largest French knitwear corporation at the time. They began producing the groundbreaking tennis shirt Rene designed and wore on the tennis courts. The shirt featured the iconic crocodile logo embroidered on the chest. She also designed and made shirts for golf and for sailing.

It was in the year 1951 the company began to expand and branch out from "tennis white" shirts into colored shirts. These shirts started being exported to the United States and were marketed as" the status symbol of the competent sportsmen" and this had a great influence on the clothing choices among the upper class. Today, Lacoste is still one of the most recognizable and favorite brands in the United States, being popular as the "preppy wardrobe". It was in the early 1950s that Bernard Lacoste will join forces with David Crystal, the owner of Izod at the time and this union created Izod Lacoste Clothing.

This union would prove to be both popular and profitable but the parent company of Izod Lacoste, David Crystal Co. was buried with debt from other failed business interests,unsuccessful attempts were made to separate Izod and Lacoste in hopes of eliminating that debt and David Crystal eventually sold his share of Lacoste back to the French and Izod would be sold to Van Heusen. In the year 2000 Lacoste hired a new fashion designer, Christoph Lamaire and it was at this time they started to take control of their brand name and logo, while also settling all branding arrangements. Today, Lacoste enjoys the elite status it had before the brand management crisis began around 1990.