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Lens Restrictions

There are many different types of lenses, different prescriptions, and different frame types. To create a pair of custom eyeglasses, our lens lab must match your choice of lens type, prescription, and frame type. Eyeglasses.com has built in four levels of safety measures to make sure that the combination that you choose will result in a perfect pair of glasses.

1) Information

We provided copious amounts of information on our website so that you can read all about lenses and make informed choices. However, there is a lot of information and we know how busy most people are! So, move on to

2) Lens Wizard

Our Lens Wizard is designed to catch many of the more common conflicts that can occur, but it may miss many of the more rare conflicts. For example, we cannot put a progressive lens into a frame with a "B" measurement (lens height) of less than 28mm, and so the Lens Wizard will prevent you from doing this. Also, if you want a rimless frame, the Lens Wizard will not allow you to choose a CR39 lens because it is not strong enough to handle the pressure of the drill mounting.

3) Other Problems

Many orders to come through the Lens Wizard that still have problems, or we may have questions about the order. Either way, we will contact you before we begin working on your lenses, in order to describe the situation, and resolve the conflict. For example, some prescriptions are too high for CR39 lenses. It is technically possible to make the lenses, but they will be very thick. In this case, we will contact you, describe the problem, and discuss alternate solutions.

4) Order Changes

Occasionally a lens order will make it all the way to our lab, and our trained lab technicians could find a problem. For example, on a high plus prescription and a large rimless frame, sometimes the edge might be too thin to be sturdy, and we will recommend a change. Or, you might want prescription lenses installed in a sunglasses frame with too much wrap. Either way, it requires a lab technician to spot the error, and again, we will not continue with your lens work until we have discussed the situation with you.

5) Perfect Lenses Guarantee

If we do make glasses for you and there is a problem, we have a perfect lenses guarantee: If your lenses are not perfect, we will redo them or refund your money.

Ordering prescription eyeglasses from Eyeglasses.com is completely safe, because we will not let you make a mistake if we can help it. We have built in five layers of research, analysis, and technical expertise for your personal prescription glasses order.