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Lenses FAQ Frequently Asked Questions


Can I Order Replacement Prescription Lenses for my Glasses?

Yes, you can order replacement prescription lenses for your frames using our Replacement Lens Wizard. Then, mail you glasses to us and we will install the lenses.

Can I Hurt My Eyes with the Wrong Lenses?

There is no clinical evidence to suggest that looking through lenses with the wrong prescription or pupillary distance configuration can cause damage to your eyes. However, there could be other undesirable consequences (especially for people with stronger corrections), such as headache, dizziness, double vision, and vertigo. Some of these effects could cause a dangerous situation if you are driving, handling machinery, or otherwise reliant on your eyeglasses for your safety or the safety of others. You may experience some of these effects with a new pair of prescription eyeglasses, or a new prescription. The effects could fade over time, but we strongly suggest that you visit your local optical professional in order to determine the best course of action.

Can I Buy Prescription Lenses From One Store, and Have Them Installed Elsewhere?

It is highly discouraged. Prescription eyewear lenses cannot be separated from lens installation. Lenses must be purchased and installed by the same company. However, it is possible to buy prescription frames from one store and have the prescription glasses lenses installed at a different store.

My Frames Are Broken, But My Lenses Are Still Good? Can I Re-use Them?

Prescription glasses lenses can often be re-cut to fit new prescription frames, but there are some restrictions. The new prescription frame must either be the exact same frame model and size as the broken frame, or it must be smaller in every dimension (height and width). Your local optical retailer should be able to examine your prescription lenses and help you select a new prescription frame for them.

Does It Matter Which Lens Brand I Choose?

Your choice of prescription lens brand is a personal decision, which is generally a tradeoff between price and quality. In general, better quality brand merchandise is more expensive. In prescription lenses, a more expensive lens usually means a better quality lens, or a lens with a wider viewing area (in the case of progressive lenses). In some cases however, it may be difficult or impossible for a consumer to notice the difference between a high quality prescription lens and a low quality lens. Anti-reflective and scratch-resistance coatings typically adhere better to the lens if they are applied by the lens manufacturer than if it is applied by a lens laboratory.

Do You Sell Prescription Safety Glasses?

No, we do not sell safety glasses at Eyeglasses.com. There are many different types of safety lenses and eyeglass frames depending on your job or your activity. Safety glasses should only be dispensed in consultation with your eye doctor and local optical professionals.

How Do I Buy Children's Glasses?

We offer a selection of prescription glasses for children. The best way to begin fitting your child for prescription glasses is to get the child's PD measurement. When you have that, you should call our customer service department and discuss the needs of your child, and we can either find the perfect prescription glasses for your child or refer you elsewhere.

How Do I Order Prescription Sunglasses?

You can build prescription sunglasses the same way as prescription glasses. Begin by selecting a pair of eyeglass frames or sunglass frames that can hold a prescription. Lower quality sunglass frames are not designed to hold a prescription lens, and are called non-Rx-able. Rx-able sunglasses are sunglass frames that can accept a prescription lens.

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