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Get your prescription.

  1. Choosing the right lens material depends on your prescription. The Lens Wizard will guide you to the right lens, based on your prescription information. Or call us for help.

    Get an eyeglasses frame.

    You can choose a frame from our website, or mail a frame to us for replacement lenses.  To order replacement lenses, click here.

    If you are getting a frame from, go to the frame model page, choose the color and size that you want, then click "Add Lenses to Frame". This will take you to the Lens Wizard.

    Mailed-in Frame:

    If you want to mail in a frame for replacement lenses, follow the link for Replacement Lenses which will take you through the Lens Wizard. This will create an order for Replacement Lenses, and you then send in your frame with you order number.  Or, follow this link for more information about Replacement Lenses.


Phone:  1-888-896-3885 or 1-203-544-0770
Fax:  1-888-896-3866 or 1-203-557-0699
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Westport, CT 06880

Lens Pricelist.

  • If you already know what lens you want, you can get a lens quote from our Lens Pricelist.

    Your Prescription Information.

    You can upload your prescription to this website, email it, fax it, call it in, or mail it to us - choose the method that works best for you.

    However, be sure to include your order number with your prescription, or we will not be able to match it up to your frame. Also, we need a pupillary distance PD measurement, which may or may not be on your prescription. If not, call the store that last made glasses for you, or send us a pair of glasses with lenses in it (we can measure the PD. If you are going for an eye exam, be sure to ask the doctor to measure your PD and include it on the prescription.