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Men's Metal Glasses

Men love the reliability and durability of metal frames, which could include such materials as monel, stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum. Metal frames are also available in fully rimmed styles, half rim (rim on top, none on bottom), and rimless (no rim around the lens). And while most men’s frames have nosepads, some men prefer the sleek look of the “saddle” bridge, which does not have nosepads.

Fully rimmed frames are preferred by the majority of men. They tend to last longer, look more substantial, and also accommodate larger lenses which support progressive lenses better, and provides more eye protection. Tradesmen like the double bridge variety, because the glasses last much longer and withstand more abuse on the job. Old timers, along with certain craftsman, prefer glass lenses because they do not scratch as easily; but glass lenses are heavier and benefit from a sturdier frame construction.