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Oakley Womens Glasses

recently have exploded into the eyewear scene. Oakley created and expanded its women's line by first studying how women — especially women athletes — use their eyewear on a daily basis. Then they identified key fashion variables that are important to women. Finally, they combined these elements to create eyewear styles that are both fashionable and able to put up with the athletic stresses in an average day.

The Women's Oakley collection is primarily made from advanced acetate, and the styles have softened edges, with uplifted upper corners giving a hint of the cat-eye without actually following through. This is the very edge of today's fashion. These softened shapes are then complimented and highlighted by a vast palette of colors — not to dominate — but to accentuate. For example, check out the Oakley Cross Court; With colors such as "Purple Plaid" and "Tortoise Letterpress" the frame outside is conservative while the interior colors are ablaze.

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