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Everything you think, say, or do has an impact on your environment, the people around you, and the world at large. Pi Wear round eyeglasses symbolize the balance that we strive for in our lives, to be our most creative and intelligent selves, and helpful to others. We express this not only through the round lenses that have supported countless thought leaders, but also by causing real change to families in India.


On June 17, 2019, Dan Loney conversed with Mark Agnew about how he founded Wharton has styled itself as "the home of Warby Parker", so Dan was eager to learn about the formation of a different kind of eyewear company. Formed after being blinded in one eye by a mugging, Mr. Agnew created to educate consumers and provide vast choice at dramatically lower prices compared to regular retail stores.


Have you ever considered buying prescription glasses online? Mark Agnew is the author of the "Eyeglasses Buying Guide." He's also the founder of and is based in Connecticut. On May 21, 2019, Mark visited the WFSB studio to talk about his book and the fascinating story of how he got involved in the eyewear business.

WOCA Radio, May 30, 2019

On Thursday May 30, Larry and Robin talk to Mark Agnew, founder and CEO of, about his new book, the Eyeglasses Buying Guide. Larry had been using his $7.00 readers, but due to the ravages of time, began to realize that he couldn't see much anymore, and began to shop for eyeglasses. Larry learned about the book, which the author wrote after being mugged and losing vision in one eye.

WKGO Consumer Talk, June 1, 2019

WKGO Consumer Talk, June 1, 2019 On Saturday June 1, Michael Finney interviewed Mark Agnew about his new book, Eyeglasses Buying Guide. Michael and his audience were interested to learn how to save money when buying eyeglasses, and also how the eyewear industry is generally overpriced and unregulated.