Prescription Lenses

Make your own prescription glasses lens choices, and design them to fit your particular lifestyle, preferences, and bank account.  You can read here about all of our lens choices, which all come with our Perfect Lenses Guarantee.   Read more about  how to buy lenses. You can also get replacement lenses by shipping your frames to us. Read More

The best way to make your own choices about prescription eyeglass lenses is to think carefully about your needs and your preferences, which are the best guides for you to find the perfect lenses. While there may be some limitations if your prescription is outside the normal range, in most cases you can make your own decision to choose or reject many eyeglass lens options.

You can start by considering your lifestyle deeply, and think about when and how you use your eyes. Then, learn more about prescription lens features, options, and services. After that, you will be able to select from the menu of lens options the particular eyeglass lens characteristics that will most enhance your lifestyle.
You can build prescription sunglass lenses the same way as prescription eyeglasses lenses. Begin by selecting a pair of eyeglass frames or sunglass frames that can hold a prescription.  The following list is designed as a guide, but there are many exclusions for certain lens, frame, and prescription combinations.  We highly recommend that you use the following information to learn about lenses, but then build your actual lens order using the Lens Wizard, which will prevent you from assembling a lens package that does not work.

We are the exclusive online supplier of Crystal Vision Lenses, which is a new brand of lenses created by a group of industry executives.  Crystal Vision Lenses takes advantage of private label pricing to give customers the world's best quality eyeglass lenses, but without the brand name.