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have come a long way from being just a coveted accessory to being a must have in every fashion fanatic’s collection. The sunglasses style mavens or “fashionistas” know exactly what we're talking about. Sunglasses offer protection against excessive exposure to light, including its visible and invisible components, but most people wear them as a fashion accessory.

We offer an extraordinary number of designs for sunglasses. Whether you want prescription sunglasses with polarized lenses, designer sunglasses, clip on sunglasses, vintage sunglasses, sport sunglasses, fishing or boating sunglasses, or driving sunglasses we feel confident you will find many sunglasses designs that complement your face and fit your personality.  Follow this link to learn How To Buy Sunglasses. Read More

Numerous well-known fashion houses design sunglass lifestyle appealing not only to the fashion conscious, but also who are into all sorts of sports. offers the iconic brands of sunglasses that never go out of style such as Gant with its updated classic American style, Lacoste with its highly recognized green crocodile logo, and Orvis to the world of high fashion brands with the iconic Yves Saint Laurent brand, Marc Jacobs, or contemporary Michael Kors sunglasses, to young hipster sunglasses brands from XOXO, Kate Spade, Jason Wu, and Juicy Couture. also carries brands that appeal to the more sports oriented wearer such as Serengeti sunglasses with their technology that provides polarized lenses that eliminate glare, premium UV protection, and superior scratch resistance or X Games sunglasses for the radical types among our buyers! The depth of our inventory is enormous, as you will see from the lengthy brands’ list of sunglasses

Most folks want to find a perfect pair of sunglasses that defines his / her persona; making them stand out in the crowd. With an immense selection of frame styles, you can do just that at whether you are looking for a particular designer sunglasses frame that is in vogue at the moment, or a similar pair of sunglasses of your favorite celebrity. In our celebrity driven culture it’s not surprising certain people will influence the popularity of a particular sunglasses design. For instance, remember Tom Cruise sporting the mirrored Ray Ban Aviators in Top Gun, or Katy Perry hiding away the hangover effect behind huge sunglasses, or the aviator style sunglasses Jon Hamm wore in season 4 of in Mad Men. It is no wonder that the sales of a particular designer brand of sunglasses just shoots up the moment a celeb is spotted wearing it, either in the movies or in any public appearance. The designer brands promise an air of sophistication. Don’t you feel like a million bucks as you slip on a pair? Some of the top notch designer brands include Calvin Klein sunglasses, Fendi sunglasses by Marchon, and of course, Vera Wang sunglasses.

As fashion experts would have it, these designer sunglasses have a persona attached to them, and consequently, not every tom, dick and harry can carry them off the right way. If you consider the Chopard SCH883S sunglasses for instance; these are designer sunglasses from a Swiss company known for its creativity, its state-of-the-art technology and the excellence of its craftsmen. Chopard is one of the leading names in the high-end watch and jewelry industry and now presents their line of exceptional sunglasses. Manufactured straight from the heart of Italy, these plastic beauties with stoned trim are here to steal your heart. For an American take on sunglasses, take a look at Gant sunglasses, with a line that includes a wide variety of styles, ranging from full plastic to metal frames: full, half and rimless. They have some really eye-catching products for all you men out there. A high end line of sunglasses with a subtle flair of sophistication is the Ermenegildo Zegna Collection. offers sunglasses with prescriptions and without prescriptions. If you need prescription sunglasses  please follow our guidelines for ordering prescription eyewear.  Prescription sunglasses will have tinted lenses. All regular sunglasses are shipped with the non-prescription, manufacturer’s dark lenses installed at no charge. GO to the Frame Search page to look through our huge inventory of sunglasses and narrow down the search by frame size, material, and shape.  If you are still not sure, you can order up to three sunglasses and return them for a full refund (read our Return Policy).