Airlock Sunglasses



Airlock sunglasses are made by Marchon, one of the world's largest makers of eyeglasses and sunglasses. Marchon makes sunglasses for Donna Karan and many other top eyewear labels. Marchon also makes a full line of "house" sunglasses models, under several names like "Airlock sunglasses" and others.


Airlock sunglasses are defining the way sport rimless frames are designed. With a unique and new lens positioning system, which uses pressure instead of screws to keep the frames in place, this brand is setting itself up for long term success. Airlock sunglasses pride itself on a more secure fit, and a lower chance of damage. If you’re looking for a brand of sunglasses that you will last for a long time, you should take a look at these collections.




Airlock sunglasses can be purchased in a range of colors. Some of their lines include large and gorgeous temples in bold colors. Airlock sunglasses collection also include frames with edgier shapes and trendier fashion styles.

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