Converse Sunglasses


Converse sunglasses come from the oldest and most popular sneaker brand.  The sunglasses collection is relatively small, with 20-30 styles, and the focus is on blocking light with both large eye sizes and wide temples.  Who doesn’t (or didn’t) have a pair of Converse All Stars at some point?  Or Jack Purcells?  Or Cons?  The shoes started on the basketball court and then moved to the street.  The company started as a rubber company that made boots and sneakers, and then moved to basketball.  Converse sneakers have shown up everywhere, and now Converse eyeglasses are doing the same thing.  Converse sunglass frames are available in colorful plastics, metal, and combinations of both.  The sunglasses collection has great styling, quality and reliability, but most of all, this style/quality package is delivered at a very reasonable price point