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Dolce & Gabbana sunglasses.  Celebrities from all around the world are big fans of this Italian label and have been seen adorning a pair of D&G at various occasions. So much is the craze for these glasses that in the year 2010 Madonna, the renowned singer, took up the initiative to design a pair of glasses for the label. She teamed up with Dolce & Gabbana to come up with a design for sunglasses. The first six styles of the glasses that she designed with D&G came out in May 2010, reported Reuters. These glasses wore the MDG logo and were an instant hit in the market. ...Read More

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The variety in colors is also worth mentioning here. D&G sunglasses come in beautiful hues such as black, blue, brown (the conventional) and bright printed patterns for those who like their glasses to be fun.

No D&G original sunglasses can be found in kiosks in bazaars and all that you will get from there will be excellent replicas. If you are looking for best quality and original D&G glasses limit your search to shopping malls and brand retailers. is one such place where you can find authentic eyewear from a range of brands.