GUCCI Sunglasses

Gucci sunglasses have been relaunched, and we now have the 2017 collection! All Gucci eyewear...

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Gucci Sunglasses


The Gucci sunglasses collection was relaunched in 2017, and all the sunglasses were completely redesigned.  The new collection is made by the owner of Gucci, Kering Group, so the line is no longer made by a licensee.  The new collection continues the great Gucci tradition, but in a more fabulous direction.   Gucci sunglasses have long been heralded as the ultimate in fashion accessories.  What could compare with a stylish pair of Gucci sunglasses over a white tee shirt and jeans, or the most expensive runway dress?  Gucci sunglasses has set the fashion standard, to the point that it really makes no difference which pair of Gucci sunglasses you are wearing. To be sure, you must wear the Gucci model that you feel best in.  But let’s be realistic, do you really think it matters which Gucci sunglasses model you choose?