PiWear Sunglasses


PiWear sunglasses are for the variable you.  Humans are complex, multi-dimensional, always changing. The visual execution of PiWear round sunglasses demonstrates that variability. These round sunglasses, being a constant/classic, look great regardless of changes in your mood and expression.  Balance, intelligence, style.  Don't be afraid. Show your strength. Everyone should have a pair or two on hand for those days when showing your true power is not only important, but necessary.
For every pair of PiWear sunglasses that you purchase, we donate an eye surgery to a blind person, so they can see again.  There are over 30 million people in India alone with preventable blindness.  When you cause a blind person to see with the purchase of PiWear sunglasses, you are helping not only one person but an entire family and community.