Smith Sunglasses


Smith sunglasses, made in Italy, is one of the best sport sunglasses brands in the world.  Smith sunglasses are known for their lenses.  Smith uses only the highest quality Japanese polarized film for the truest color, ojbect devinition, and glare reduction.  Smith combines it with both Techlite Glass and Carbonic lens materials to give you the options and optical performance you need to succeed.  Smith sunglasses - perfection.


Smith sunglasses and goggle are seasonal items, and very popular.  As a result, many items are on backorder.  Backorders could last a few weeks, or in the case of goggles, they may not come in again until September when the season ramps up again.  In order to support the large selection of Smith sunglasses, most sunglasses are not in stock and we need to special order from Smith, and this takes about three business days;  if the item is on backorder, we will let you know and we do not charge your credit card until we ship the item. For backordered items, you should put in an order and get in line for when the item comes off backorder, they will ship first to whomever has an order.  To see which items we have in stock ready to ship, go to the advanced search page, and select "In Stock" and "Smith" and "sunglasses".