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Tavat Sunglasses


 Tavat Eyewear is designed in California, using new technology, and made in Italy.  This is an eyewear trifecta - Design, Technology, and Craftsmanship - and the result is an amazing pair of sunglasses.  Tavat sunglasses frames use the "Ex-Cam" hinge, patented and trademarked, which guarantees a high-tech mechanical precision in the opening-closing action. Thanks to this innovation, TAVAT was nominated for the Silmo d'Or award in Paris, on October 2010.

But the real excitement is in the Tavat Lens Technology (TLT) using Melanin.  Research over the past 40 years, by the leading centers of excellence for eyecare in America, validate the protection value of melanin.  Melanin is a naturally occurring pigment found throughout the human body. Its role is to protect us against sunlight damage, by filtering Ultraviolet (UV) and High Energy Visible (HEV) light, better known as "Violet-Blue light". Melanin is in fact the best natural defense against the harmful effects of the sun.  TAVAT’s sunglasses lenses are infused with a synthetic melanin to provide the ultimate in eye protection, improving clarity, enhancing contrast, without any color distortion. Read More

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TAVAT’s sunglass lenses are inspired by the natural defenses of the human body against the sun. The synthetic melanin acts in the same way as natural melanin, just like a shield against both UV rays and up to 97% of the harmful violet-blue light (HEV). This means higher protection and better performance at the same time!