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Clip On Sunglasses

offer great flexibility for people that want to use their regular eyeglasses as sunglasses. Clip on sunglasses attach to the front of your eyeglasses and "clip on" to the front of your eyeglasses frame. Some glasses frames have magnetic clip ons, which are held to your glasses frame with magnets instead of clips. Magnetic clip ons allow you to add and remove the sunglasses with one hand, which is very convenient.

We offer several brands of eyeglasses that come with sunglass clips included at no extra charge: Revolution, EasyclipMagic Clip, and Smart Clip.  All Easyclip, and most Revolution eyeglasses come with magnetic clip on sunglasses, and all Takumi clips are polarized. ...Read More

You can also order replacement clips for these models. There are many models of eyeglasses on our website that may indicate "clip on available", which means there is an additional charge to get the clip for that frame.

We do not offer "one size fits all" sunglass clips. We only offer clips that are designed for a specific model of eyeglasses.

If clip on sunglasses are not what you are looking for, you may want to make your own Prescription Sunglasses.  To do this, first pick out a frame you like from the Most Popular Sunglasses category, or from Designer Sunglasses, or Mens Sunglasses, or Women's Sunglasses. Then use the Lens Wizard to custom design a pair of sunglasses.  If you want plano, non-prescription vintage lenses, you could check out our selections of Polarized Sunglasses.