Fishing sunglasses

are designed to see the fish and stay on your head in all-weather conditions. In bright sunlight, fishing sunglasses MUST have polarized lenses in order to cut the glare of the water and allow you to see the shadows underneath. Here are a few of the many polarized sunglasses we offer.

You can make your own Prescription Sunglasses for fishing.  To do this, first pick out a frame you like from the Most Popular Sunglasses category, or from Designer Sunglasses, or Mens Sunglasses, or Women's Sunglasses, or Vintage Sunglasses.  Then use the Lens Wizard to custom design a pair of sunglasses.  If you want plano, non-prescription fishing lenses, you could check out our selections of Polarized Sunglasses, or, you could look into eyeglasses with sunglass clip on in the Clip On Sunglasses category. 

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Two of the most popular sunglasses models, and they do come with polarized lenses, are the  Ray Ban Wayfarer sunglasses and Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses.