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  • These designer sunglasses cannot take prescription lenses.
  • Made of plastic, otherwise known as cellulose acetate, or zyl, the frame can be easily adjusted for a perfect fit with your prescription lenses. Your frame purchase includes free standard shipping charges, and manufacturer packaging. You can add doctor verified prescription lenses, add custom polarized lenses, and many other lens options if you desire them. Like all Persol products, the Persol PO3135S provides the sophisticated and classic look that we all need.
  • Persol PO3135S frames have a round shape, which helps to balance rectangular facial features. Frame shape is the most noticeable feature of a pair of glasses, followed by frame color and frame size. Top brands always have a large collection of rectangle frame shape glasses, as well as oval frame shape glasses.
  • Persol PO3135S frames feature a fashionable rimless frame design. This is the lightest design. It reveals most of the face compared to a full or half rim design. It is frequently used by newscasters and Hollywood actors.
  • This frame has a total width of 140mm.
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    Having a pair of Persol sunglasses is more than just a fashion statement; it’s a partnership with a company that will always stay true to their roots. So remember, as you look for the perfect pair of Persol sunglasses, whether they are regular or prescription sunglasses, remember that all purchases include free shipping in the US. And, you can use your vision insurance, HSA, or FSA account to enjoy additional savings.    Persol glasses and Persol sunglasses can all be customized with prescription lenses, just like all of our sunglasses.

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Persol PO3135S

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