Polarized Sunglasses

have a special filter built into the lens which limits the amount of glare that your eye sees, and therefore improves your visual acuity. Polarized sunglasses are some of our most popular sunglasses, available pre-installed in sunglasses, and we have provided a short list below of some of our favorite polarized sunglasses. However, at you can build custom polarized prescription sunglasses. What a luxury to be able to see with your prescription and in the sunlight. Prescription polarized sunglasses are available in any lens type, also from designer sunglasses brands.

Polarized sunglasses lenses work like a Venetian blind; light is allowed to pass straight through the lens. However, light that is reflect from different angles—light light bouncing of water and light coming off snow and ice – this light is blocked. By blocking the glare, prescription sunglasses reduce your eye stress, thereby reducing eye stress and helping you to be more comfortable at the beach for longer periods of time.

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