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Prescription Sunglasses

are the new rage with the younger generation. We know that although something that is prescribed cannot be termed as a rage. However, one of the reasons that they are known as prescription sunglasses could be because of the fact that although they are prescribed by the doctors, they are administered like a piece of eyewear that is worn for style.

You could choose from either metal or plastic frame material, then start looking at the color, the style, the lenses and last but not least the price. You should remember that any eyeglasses frames can be made into customer prescription sunglasses.  For example, check out the RX8632 for sheer looks and utility.  Custom prescription lenses are much higher quality than most stock sunglass lenses – what you would get in a regular sunglasses frame. ...Read More

A combination of the cool looks and the utilitarian properties of correctional or therapeutic use makes prescription sunglasses uniquely positioned in the minds of the people not just of the younger generation, but also of the not so young in age. We can see that the combination of the sunglasses with the correctional eyeglasses has a strong presence and a stronger demand from the young generation. In fact, these days even school going kids feel they want to be hip and experience the urge to be the show stoppers in their environs. 

Prescription sunglasses are made by combining an eyeglass frame or sunglass frame with a prescription lens. You can build prescription sunglasses online at eyeglasses.com. First, choose an eyeglass frame or sunglass frame. Then, add perscription lenses to the frame, which is easy when you use our Lens Wizard.

The Lens Wizard will help you through the process of finding the perfect lens for your needs. You will get to choose the kind of lens, the lens color and the lens type. Prescription sunglasses online, voila! You can make perscription sunglasses out of any pair of eyeglasses on our website. Some people want to make a pair of sunglasses into prescription sunglasses - for example, putting prescription sunglass lenses into a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses.

To do this, we remove the sunglass lenses that come with the frame, and then install custom lenses for you (we ship you the removed set of lenses also). However, some sunglasses have a "wrap" or "shield" design and it is impossible to make custom lenses for these, so you must choose a frame that does not wrap too much around the side of your face.

Some of the best designer sunglasses brands can be made into prescription sunglasses, including Gucci Sunglasses, Versace sunglasses, Calvin Klein sunglasses, Ray Ban sunglasses – the list of designer sunglasses brands we carry online goes on and on. Here, we have selected some of our favorites, together with some of our most popular  sunglasses models for you men to check out online.

For a truly classic look, try the Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses model.  In fashion for over 70 years, the Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses model never goes out of style.  The Aviator and the Ray Ban Wayfarer are two of the most popular mens sunglasses styles of all time.  Both of these frames can be made into prescription sunglasses.