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Women’s Cat Eye Eyeglasses

The Cat Eye shape for women has been making a resurgence lately.  For most top fashion designers, the cat eye is not in full force, but rather a hint of cat eye which evidences itself simply by upturning the upper corners of the frame, and increasing the lens shape in the top of the lens relative to the bottom of the list.  Check out the frame links above to see some good example of our favorite - and the most popular - cat eye shaped glasses. 

History of the Cat Eye Glasses Shape

The cat eye shape started in the 1950's and trailed off in the 1960's, and were made fashionable by Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and many other women of their time. Check out the popular TV show "Mad Men" to see many of the different types of cat eyes that the ladies wore.

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