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Women’s Retro Eyeglasses

Women have been showing more and more interest lately in retro style eyeglass frames. “Retro” has a loyal following year after year, and the interest increases or decreases depending on which brands are marketing a retro line. Retro for women could be as simple as the “hint” of a cateye shape, a certain style of tortoise color, or even certain finishes like matte pewter or yellow gold. Certain styles also remind us of the olden times, like a saddle bridge, a shiny gold rimless frame, or a round shape. 

Women and the Vintage Look

Most women have a keen sense of style, and can use vintage eyewear and vintage designs as a way to tap into the values of the past, while bringing them into a modern context. “Retro” really means “vintage look”, or dipping back into the past for the elements we admire. Tradition has a powerful lure, and the elder folks command respect and admiration, so eyewear that harkens back to those times also brings its assets to the wearer.

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