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About Us

Everything you think, say, or do has an impact on your environment, the people around you, and the world at large. Pi Wear round eyeglasses symbolize the balance that we strive for in our lives, to be our most creative and intelligent selves, and helpful to others. We express this not only through the round lenses that have supported countless thought leaders, but also by causing real change to families in India.


The goal of the Pi Wear brand is to produce goods and services that remind consumers that we are connected to other people and places worldwide. Pi is a symbol of something immutable and everlasting, like the good that derived from doing something to cause massive positive change in the life of an unknown person, family, and community across the globe. Pi Wear feels good, it makes us look good, and it serves a purpose.

Our Story


Pi Wear is a brand developed by, a leading online store selling eyeglasses, prescription lenses, and sunglasses since 1999. Our continuing mission is to explore new ways to service people who need help with their vision. To seek out unexplored connections between consumption and charity, to connect business to community, and to boldly go where no company has gone before.


Mark Agnew is the founder and visionary for Pi Wear™, a charitable brand of round, full-rim eyeglasses and sunglasses that was designed to transform the conscious eyewear industry. The brand rethinks the one-for-one business model. For every pair of Pi Wear eyeglasses or sunglasses purchased,, the brand's online parent company, pays for one eye surgery to cure cataract blindness for people who live in rural India.

Agnew knows firsthand what it's like to live with severe vision loss. At 28 years old, he was mugged and suffered injuries leading to complete vision loss in his right eye, necessitating a need for eyeglasses. After working nearly two decades on Wall Street and in the financial industry as a bond analyst, he longed for a more meaningful life. At the same time, he was gaining an education about the eyeglasses industry, which was ripe for disruption that would lead to greater equity.

In 2000, Agnew founded, an online one-stop shop for eyeglasses, prescription lenses, and sunglasses, to make purchasing eyeglasses an easier and less costly process. In May 2019, he released his book EYEGLASSES BUYING GUIDE, which provides years of insights into a $26 billion industry to educate consumers and provide tips for purchasing eyewear.

For years, has made donations to Sankara Eye Foundation, USA, founded in San Jose, Calif., and Sankara Eye Foundation, India, based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, which work to eradicate blindness in India by providing free high quality eye care to the rural poor. Through the launch of Pi Wear, Agnew will continue to increase financial contributions to help others who cannot see their own futures.

Agnew holds a Bachelor of Arts in art history from Vassar College and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago's Graduate School of Business. The husband and father of two enjoys mountain climbing, meditation, natural farming, and helping those in need.

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